Tips for Job Fairs

  1. Before the fair, check which agencies will attend. Then, troll through the websites of your target agencies so that you will be able to pepper each meet-and-greet conversation with evidence of your knowledge of the agency’s goals and high-profile activities.
  2. Practice introducing yourself with a 30-second, punchy opener that highlights your key qualifications and how they would benefit your target agency.
  3. Present yourself as a decisive, goal-oriented job seeker who knows what type of job you want.
  4. Prepare yourself for an on-the-spot job interview.
  5. Pack the following items in a professional briefcase: your ID, pens, pad, resumes, college transcripts, reference lists, & business cards.
  6. Dress as nicely as you would for a job interview. No eating, gum chewing, or sucking out of a water bottle in the interviewer’s face.
  7. Collect the business cards of contacts.
  8. Immediately send thank-you letters to helpful contacts and follow up on promising leads.

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